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Embedded systems are used in most commercial and industrial businesses.  Silver Bullet Engineering specializes in Medical Devices, Robots and Safety Systems, Semiconductors, and Control Systems such as PLCs.

Safety critical systems are a main focus at Silver Bullet Engineering, Inc., because there are regulatory or industry established standards that are required to deliver a functionally conformant product.

Silver Bullet Engineering, Inc. has the capability required to scale to any embedded systems device.  A high quality deliverable can be achieved within any market segment:


  • IoT

  • AI

  • ARM platforms, PIC platforms, Ti, Freescale, and many other SOC platforms

  • Commercial Products

  • Industrial Products

  • Consumer Products

  • Medical Devices

  • Semiconductor Devices - Semiconductor Fab equipment

  • Control Systems

  • Any platform using a microcontroller, GUI, or control system

Silver Bullet Engineering, Inc is unique in offering clients a knowledgeable company with a background in multiple market segments, that can offer a total solution, augment your engineering staff, or fire fight the issues that are slowing down your team and delaying your product launch.

Wherever there is an embedded system in use, Silver Bullet Engineering, Inc offers software and electrical engineering solutions.

Click on one of the Project -> sub menus for projects within a specific application.

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