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Embedded Systems Software Engineering

Embedded Software Engineering

Turn-key, on-site or off-site software engineering services available for projects of any size.  Specialization in low-level hardware interface and protocol development and implementation.  Full documentation from requirements, detailed design specs, and Doxygen commented code.

The code design is modular, highly commented, unit tested, meets your coding standard and complies with your SOPs.  All code is designed to your requirements.

What differentiates our design from other outsourcing companies is that we provide the documentation you need, and leave you better off than where you started.  We know we are consultants, so we provide your team with the documentation necessary to support the code that we deliver.  We deliver on time to meet your schedule.

Software Engineering Development
  • Bootloaders

  • Downloaders and Image management

    • Multiple images in NVM (Non Volatile Memory)​

  • Board Support Packages

  • Release Engineering

    • Build scripts in python or perl​

  • Build Systems: TeamCity, Jenkins

  • Software security

    • Public/private keys​

  • Encryption​

    • AES, MD4, etc​.

  • Encryption Signatures​

    • Public/private keys

  • Cyber Security

  • OS (Operating System) Support

    • Adapting the OS to your hardware​

  • Communications Networks​

    • TCP/IP, Peer to peer networks, custom protocols​

  • Board Communications​

    • SPI, I2C, GPIO, Serial, 1Wire comms​

  • Communications to Disposables​

    • 1 Wire, RFID

  • Low-level drivers, HAL, Hardware interface code, middleware, GUI, Database, Internet, IoT

  • Interfaces: SPI, I2C, UART, DAC, ADC, PWM, Timers, Counters, GPIO, FLASH interfaces, Encoders, Steppers, Servos

  • Comms: IEEE 802.11 WiFi, 2.4 GHz custom frequency hopping, Modbus, TCP/IP, Custom protocols, HIBC barcode and RFID 

  • Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Assembly, HTML5, CSS3, .NET, Pascal, SQL, scripting capability, MFC, Win32

  • RTOS experience – multi-threaded/process designs (IPC), VxWorks, Nucleus, uCos II, ThreadX, SmartDSP, FreeRTOS, Linux

  • IDEs: Eclipse, CodeWarrier, Code Composer, IAR, Visual Studio, Visual DSP++, LPCXpresso,

  • Unit Testing: Unity, CppUnitLite, Microsoft Unit Test Framwork .NET, Ceedling, Unity, CMock, Debugger

  • Teams: Teamcity, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence, Crucible, Fisheye, Sharepoint, Scrumworks, Seapine suite, Helix ALM, Redmine, Microsoft Teams

  • Source Control: Clearcase, Clearquest, Seapine/Helix Surround SCM, SCCS, Git, Subversion, CVS

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