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Silver Bullet Engineering, Inc. provides embedded systems consulting services.  We specialize in safety critical systems: Medical devices, robotics, and other safety systems are our central focus.

We specialize in providing solutions for safety critical devices complying to IEC-62304 Medical Device Life-Cycle, IEC-61508 Functional Safety, SEMI and other safety specifications.

We focus on your needs and solve problems.


The difference is quality.  We've been designing embedded solutions for years.  We don't take shortcuts; we design quality embedded systems software and hardware that meet requirements.

The software we provide is modular, testable, has been unit tested, meets your coding standard of choice (like MISRA), and meets your schedule.

No need for Headhunters

Why pay a headhunter to find the resource you need when you can come direct to engineering professionals that speak your language; clear, concise and direct.


Over 30 years experience in embedded systems and control systems engineering.  Medical device experience including heart monitors, infusion pumps, heart pumps, and imaging systems. Robotics and semiconductor industry experience in fab equipment.


Medical devices and safety systems are the primary focus for the embedded work that is central to the consulting services currently offered.

MCU Experience:

  • ARM:  Freescale A9 iMX6 quad and dual core, NXP Cortex M4 LPC-4088, NXP Cortex M4 LPC-1760, ST Microcontroller Cortex M3 STM32-F404, ST Microcontroller Cortex M4 STM32-L486

  • Ti: MSP430, OMAP-5912, Chipcom CC-2510

  • Microchip PIC 8, 16, 32 bit microcontrollers

  • SOM (System On Module): Boundary Devices iMX6 SOM, Freescale PSC9131 Cell Technology SOM

  • Analog Devices: ADSP-21161

  • Freescale: DSP SC3850, Coldfire, Netburner MOD5270, 68060, 68332, 68HC12

  • Intel: X86, PXA-255


Software Development:

  • Low-level drivers: bare metal, OS interface to hardware, HAL, Hardware interface code, middleware, GUI, Database, Internet, IoT

  • Interfaces: SPI, I2C, UART, DAC, ADC, PWM, Timers, Counters, GPIO, FLASH interfaces, Encoders, Steppers, Servos

  • Comms: IEEE 802.11 WiFi, 2.4 GHz custom frequency hopping, Modbus, TCP/IP, Custom protocols, HIBC barcode and RFID 

  • Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Assembly, HTML5, CSS3, .NET, Pascal, SQL, scripting capability, MFC, Win32

  • RTOS experience – multi-threaded/process designs (IPC), VxWorks, Nucleus, uCos II, ThreadX, SmartDSP, FreeRTOS, Linux

  • IDEs: Eclipse, CodeWarrier, Code Composer, IAR, Visual Studio, Visual DSP++, LPCXpresso,

  • Unit Testing: Unity, CppUnitLite, Microsoft Unit Test Framwork .NET, Ceedlling, Unity, CMock, Debugger

  • Teams: Teamcity, Jira, Confluence, Crusible, Fisheye, Sharepoint, Scrumworks, Seapine suite, Redmine

  • Source Control: Clearcase, Clearquest, Seapine/Helix Surround SCM, SCCS, Git, Subversion, CVS

Hardware/Electrical Development:

  • Board schematic and layout design

    • Schematic design using ORCad, PCAD, PADS, PCB123

    • Layout using your choice of tool (Altium, PADS, etc)

  • EPLD, CPLD, FPGA, PAL programming in Verilog, VHDL, and ABEL

  • Control Systems, PLC, SCADA, HMI, Industrial Process Control, Ladder Logic, SFC

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