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High Quality Services

Silver Bullet Engineering, Inc. has over 20 years experience in solving customer problems:

  • Embedded systems

  • Deadline Management: augmenting your staff to meet your deadlines, be it software coding, electrical engineering, project management, and other engineering needs

  • Agile Scrum management (Scrummaster) and Scrum improvements

    • Agile done your way; the most effective, efficient methods for your company operation

  • Bug fixing

  • New product development or sustaining engineering

  • We don't re-engineer your product; we augment the product. We keep business value as the driver.  We won't rewrite your existing code, we work with the constraints of your design to enhance your business needs and schedule.

  • We solve issues that are preventing your company from delivering working products on your schedule.

  • We have existing templates to base new designs from.

    • Software
      • Board Support Package (BSP)

    • SOM Support

      • Using a SOM (System On Module) and a carrier board provides a solid platform for GUI with an embedded processor platform.  We work with many SOM manufacturers to provide everything from the BSP (Board Support Package) including basic communications over many bus types, to the messaging system between the GUI processor and the embedded processor or picking a SOM with one processor and providing the engineering resources to realize the solution for your product.

You may have problems staffing your project, stuck on a bug, need to offload work from your development department or outsource the continuation engineering to free up your engineering staff to work on your newer product releases.  You might have a critical problem that your internal team can't solve or is taking too much time.


Silver Bullet Engineering, Inc. provides solutions to the issues.  Whether is is software, hardware, electrical engineering, project management, or just firefighting a critical issue, we are here to help and provide solutions.  We specialize in embedded systems.


We pay attention to the way you operate your business.  We integrate with your managers and team and provide the solution the way you want it done.

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