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Engineering Firefighting

Engineering Fire Fighting Bug Fixes

We provide fast turn-around diagnosis of hardware and software issues with fixes.

Is there is a bug you can't fix?  Is the bug in embedded low-level hardware or  software like hardware interfaces and HAL code?  We have the technical expertise in embedded systems to provide a fix.

If the previous developers are no longer available, we can use reverse engineering to develop a solution to add an enhancement or fix a bug in an existing project.

If your having difficulty due to lack of documentation on an existing product, we can help.  We examine the issue from the ground up, and find a solution without having to redesign an entire module.  We bring business value; we don't re-engineer your product due to lack of understanding of the basic design.

We can also augment your team to improve project schedule by outsourcing a module for development.  All company standards will be adhered to in the design output.

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