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Embedded Systems and Control Systems Clients



The Stars

Chris Ruff, Owner / Engineer of Ruff Designs

“Mark {Silver Bullet Engineering, Inc] is a talented software engineer with a strong knowledge of hardware. Mark has extensive knowledge of and ability with embedded technologies-the C/C++ languages/compilers, libraries, protocols, operating systems, source control and team support software technologies. I worked with Mark on a complex enterprise-class embedded product, and Mark worked the team (of which I was a member) diligently to turn this device into a polished technical product. Mark is a resourceful and thoughtful manager and he still makes the time to perform a large part of the work himself. I would definitely recommend Mark for your fast-track project as an architect, coder, manager, or all three.”

Software Consultant
The Stars

Robert Kennet, Software and Electrical Engineering Consultant - Medica Corp - Feb 2014

“Mark [Silver Bullet Engineering, Inc] was a pleasure to report to. His understanding and commitment to process helped organize and quantify projects that were at times difficult to define, and was directly responsible for successful implementation of the tasks that I was assigned. While he consistently focused on deliverables, he was still exceptionally supportive when software issues required extra time to implement, and/or when to challenge an idea to produce a better or faster result. I hope to work with Mark again very soon.”

Medical Device Consultant
The Stars

Saad Thabit, Founder and Principal EngineerDRF Engineering Services LLC.

"Mark [Silver Bullet Engineering, Inc] and I worked together managing a IEEE Boston Consultants group.  We changed the strategic direction of the group, and collaborated on many decisions and ways to make the group more effective.  Mark helped manage the website, worked all of the finances, and helped with event coordination.  We have a great working relationship and I enjoy working together with him.  The organizational skills that Mark brings to a project are valuable and always drive the ball forward.  Mark is a talented engineer and project manager and I like the way he works."

Clients - Working With Clients

Working With Clients

We use software tools that help us learn the client’s codebase and help us contribute to the project very quickly.  It usually would take an employee weeks or months to be at the same level for the initial phase of a project


We have experience in engineering management, project management as well as Scrum Master so that we can provide project/team management as well as engineering.

We work on both hardware and software issues and can interface between both departments

Do you have issues with the software team getting the proper hardware?  We have solutions.  We work with the hardware team and help build project specific development kits complete with all the hardware needed for specific software functionality.


We solve the dilemma of software departments losing time because the hardware is incomplete, not functioning properly or doesn’t have any reliability due to issues with the Software Development Kit (SDK).

Our work output is high quality and something that the client's internal departments can use without trying to guess how we implemented the project.  We provide adequate documentation and explanations so that client’s engineers can pick up the work easily and move forward.  We document so that your team has the understanding of what was implemented.

This working philosophy stengthens our ability to deliver quality work products.

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