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Project Management

Agile Project Management

Agile Scrum-Master project management, traditional waterfall, or a mixture of project management techniques.  We have experience as ScrumMaster, team lead, and project management.  We have established ECO and documentation systems, engineered products and provided project management.  We also have implemented many type of tools and reporting systems.  We have configured ALM systems like Seapine/Helix TestTrack ALM tool, Jira, Confluence, Design Review systems, and made recommendations for tools that improve your process, make it easier for employees to do the real work of engineering your product.  Project Management capabilities are not limited to Embedded Systems, Project Management for any engineering project are services we provide.

Here are some services we provide and issues we've solved:

  • Team doesn't meet the development schedule

  • Missing architecture documentation, as well as missing other required product documentation

  • Release Engineering (build management and other tasks related to releases)

  • Configuring and installing new tools like Jira, TeamCity, Jenkins build management

  • Write the software installation guide so that everyone on the team is using the same tools and having the same configuration

  • Write or rewrite SOP and WI.  This ads clarity to the dev team because the process is then clearly documented

  • Address team issues so that management can help the team reach their potential

We provide project management that brings the company the most business value.  We work with company management and we identify team needs.  We blend the best aspects of company management with team effectiveness.  We do this within your schedule and budget.

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